Top dog breeds for Senior Folks

 Friendly, affectionate dogs adapt to many living situations. They're lively and good senior companions.

1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 Pugs are cute and affectionate. They love cuddling and don't need much activity, making them good geriatric companions.

2 Pug

 Small, friendly Shih Tzus enjoy people. Their mild energy and flat living skills make them popular with seniors.

3 Tzu Shih

Frenchies are little, sociable, and calm. They don't need much exercise and like lounging with their owners, making them good for seniors.

4 The French Bulldog

 Bichon Frises are joyful, lively small dogs. Seniors wanting a controllable companion would love their moderate energy and ease of training.

5 Bichon Frise

White-coated Maltese are small, loving. Social and adaptable, they're great for seniors who desire an easy-care small dog.

6 Maltese

 Cocker Spaniels are friendly medium-sized dogs. They are lively and enjoy spending time with their owners, so seniors who want a larger dog might consider them.

7 Cocker Spaniel

 Poodles are smart, trainable, and multi-sized. Small enough for elders, Toy and Miniature Poodles have allergy-friendly low-shedding coats.

8 Miniature Poodle

 Chihuahuas are small dogs with big personalities. Their loyalty and low exercise requirements make them popular with seniors looking for a small dog.

9 Chihuahua

 Shelties are smart, loyal little to medium dogs. Seniors who want an active dog should consider them because they are relatively hyperactive and love their family.

10 Scottish shepherddog 

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