7 Shocking Reasons Why Your Dog Bows

Play is one of the main reasons dogs bow. Like saying, "Let's have fun!"

1 Invitation to Play

 Dogs bow when stretching. This might warm them up before exercise.

2 Stretching

Dogs can express themselves by bowing. It can indicate friendliness and non-threateningness to other dogs and humans.

3 Communication

Bowing can help dogs bond with each other or with humans.

4 Community Building

 Sometimes dogs bow to relieve tension or worried energy. This might help you relax in stressful situations.

5 Released Tension

Bowing may be a wild ancestor impulse. It may have evolved to indicate surrender or friendliness.

6 Natural Behaviour

Dogs perform a "play bow" before chasing or being chased. It indicates a playful, non-aggressive interaction.

7 Chase preparation

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