Shocking Facts about Dog’s Body Languagе  you must know

 Tail wagging suggests happiness but can also reflect other emotions. A gradual wag with the tail low may signify doubt or hostility, while a quick, high wag usually indicates joy.

1 Not All Tail Wagging Is Friendly

Raised hackles, a dog's back hair, can signal excitement and hostility. Dogs can raise their hackles when threatened, enthusiastic, or playful.

2 Raised Hackles Aren't Always Aggressive

 Dog eye contact can signify many things based on situation. It might indicate hostility or dominance or be a pleasant appeal for attention

3 Eye Contact Matters

 Besides yawning when weary, dogs can yawn to relieve tension or discomfort. A worried dog can calm down by yawning.

4 Not All Yawning Is Tired

 Dogs may lick their lips to show worry or pain. Dogs typically show it when threatened or uncertain.

5 Lip-licking Can Indicate Anxiety

 A dog that turns away may be uncomfortable or seeking to escape a fight. They can express themselves subtly without controversy.

6 Turning Away

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