How to Deal With Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Start by leaving your dog briefly, then gradually increase your time away. This helps your dog adjust to solitude.

1 Gradual desensitisation

 Give your dog a safe area at home. A cosy hideaway with their bed and treasured toys comes to mind.

2 Ensure safety

 Dogs need daily exercise and mental stimulation. Tired dogs are calmer alone.

3 Mental stimulation, exercise

 Dogs prefer routine, so schedule feeding, walking, and alone time. Reduces anxiety.

4 Establish routine

 To quiet your dog while away, try pheromone diffusers, calming music, or natural vitamins.

5 Use calming tools

 Practise picking up keys and putting on shoes without leaving. This desensitises your dog to triggers.

6 Use departure cues

 An experienced dog trainer or behaviourist can help with extreme separation anxiety. They can adapt their suggestions to your dog.

7 If necessary, seek experts

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