How To Completely Train Your Dog  - like a Pro

 Train your dog immediately after bringing them home. Like sponges, puppies learn excellent behaviour quickly.

1 Start Early

Dogs are pack creatures and like obvious leadership. Continuous training and positive reinforcement will establish your leadership.

2 Gain Leadership

Reward positive behaviour with treats, praise, or play. This helps your dog repeat desirable actions.

3 Good Reward

 Keep commands and cues constant. Inconsistency confuses dogs and slows training.

4 Be Regular

 Keep training sessions short (5-10 minutes for puppies, 15-20 minutes for adults) and fun because dogs have short attention spans.

5 Keep workouts brief and fun

 First teach seat, stay, come, down, and heel. These are crucial for safety and communication.

6 Practice Basic Commands

 Clicker training can help you communicate with your dog and mark desired behaviour.

7 Utilise Clicker Training

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