6 Indoor Games You Can Play With Your Dogs this Winter 

 This popular game pleases dogs. Let your dog stay while you hide in the home, then call them to find you. You can gradually increase the difficulty by hiding in tricky areas.

1 Hide/Seek

Play tug-of-war with your dog with a thick rope or toy. Set ground rules and let your dog win occasionally to keep it fun.

2 Tug-of-War

Clear some room and play fetch indoors with a soft toy or ball. Be careful with fragile items and furniture, and play in a safe place.

3 Inside Fetch

 Buy interactive toys or puzzle feeders that reward your dog for manipulating them. Mental stimulation from these toys will keep your dog occupied for hours.

4 Interactive Toys

 Make a homemade obstacle course with chairs, blankets, and cushions. Help your dog jump, crawl, or weave around the obstacles.

5 Obstacle Course

 Use winter to train your dog. Short training sessions can teach them new tricks or reinforce commands. Training stimulates the mind and develops the dog-owner link.

6 Trainings


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