How To Teach Your Dog Not to Jump Up

 Do not talk, touch, or look at your jumping dog. Your dog learns to avoid jumping.

1 Disregard Jumping

Your dog deserves praise, awards, and attention when all four paws are down. Each paw on the ground reinforces desired conduct.

2 Advocate Good Conduct

To jump, tell your dog "Off" or "Down," meaning get off. Give your dog this command and reward them for jumping.

3 Use Commands

First sit or lie down your dog before jumping up. Reward alternative conduct.

4 Behaviour Redirect

 Invite relatives and friends to practise greetings. Ask for attention only when your dog is calm and not jumping. Apply the same guidelines to all dog visits.

5 Practice with Visitors

Physical and mental exercise prevents dog boredom and jumping.

6 Give Enough Exercise

 Train steadily. Dogs need consistency to behave well.

7 Be Waiting

Avoid hefty penalties to cease jumping. Confusing your dog might cause anxiety.

8 Avoid Punishment

Leashes, harnesses, and training collars control dog behaviour. A trained trainer can help you use these equipment humanely.

9 Employ Training Aids

 An professional dog trainer or behaviourist can provide personalised direction and support to educate your dog not to jump up

10 Get expert aid if needed.

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