How to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Your Dogs

Reward good behaviour like sitting when asked or walking politely on a leash with treats, praise, toys, or affection.

1 Reward Good Behavior

 Routine and consistency please dogs. Establish clear boundaries and enforce them consistently.

2 Consistency

Reward good behaviour with treats, praise, and playtime. The dog will repeat the behaviour since it is reinforced.

3 Positive Reward

 When your dog misbehaves, switch their attention to something good. Instead of chewing furniture, offer your dog a toy.

4 Turn Around Bad Behaviour

Regular training and exposure to diverse people, animals, and surroundings can boost confidence and behaviour.

5 Training and Socialisation

 Give your dog ample exercise and mental stimulation to avoid boredom and energy-related behaviour.

6 Physical and Mental Activity

Remember that dogs don't understand like humans, so be patient and consistent in teaching.

7 Be Patient and Understand

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