7 Pro Tips For Socialising Your Dogs With Other Pets 

Be patient while introducing your dog to other pets. Rushing worries dogs and hampers socialisation. Let pets sniff each other slowly. Trading dog beds or toys forms bonds.

1 Start Slowly

To protect their territory, dogs attack. Introduce your dog to another pet in a neutral setting. Your dogs are more likely to stay calm and not attack in unfamiliar areas.

2 Reward System 

Watch pets' body language when introducing them. As they grow hostile, separate scared or aggressive dogs. Bring them together only if they won't fight. They may wag their tails and relax their ears when sociable. Positive body language.

3Watch their body language

Rewards can enhance dog behaviour with other pets. When your dog is quiet with a pet, reward them with their favourite treat. Their pet antagonism will drop.

4 Treat Your Pet

A great technique to socialise pets. Dogs are aggressive to other pets, making introductions difficult. Dog owners benefit from parallel walking. Avoiding touching when walking reduces hostility. As they relax, shorten their walk.

5 Walk parallel

Invading privacy makes dogs hostile. Because of this, they may get violent quickly. Everyone should give their dog a break. A new pet may be upset if you suddenly take them to their resting area. Privacy helps you socialise your dog with other pets by preventing invasion.

6 Respect Their Space

Dogs that socialise slowly let owners take their time. Keep training your dog despite failures. Celebrate tiny wins with your dogs.

7 Wait

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