How to Choose the Best Toy for Your Dog

Size-appropriate toys for your dog. Small toys can choke larger dogs, while larger toys may be excessively hefty for small breeds.

1 Consider your dog's size

Dogs can chew gently or aggressively. For tough chewers, choose rubber or nylon toys, and for gentler chewers, softer ones.

2 Check your dog's chewing

Puzzle and treat-dispensing toys can stimulate and interest your dog for longer. Choose toys your dog likes.

3 Look for interactive toys

Avoid toys with loose threads or bits that could choke you and little parts that could be swallowed.

4 Check toy safety

 Teething toys can comfort puppies' gums, while older dogs may prefer toys that are gentler on their teeth and joints.

5 Consider your dog's age.

 Rotate toys to keep your dog interested. Switching toys occasionally prevents boredom and keeps playtime interesting.

6 Rotate toys often

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