How Dog Treats Do Good When It Comes to Training

 Treats are positive reinforcement, therefore they encourage behaviour. A dog is more likely to repeat a good behaviour after receiving a nice treat.

1 Positive Reward

Treats send your dog clear instructions. When you praise your dog for "sit" or "stay," he learns to identify the action with the reward.

2 Clearly Communicating

Food motivates dogs, so rewards help them focus during training. They'll eagerly comply for a tasty food.

3 Motivation

Sharing treats strengthens your bond with your dog. It improves your friendship and promotes trust since your dog associates you with nice things.

4 Bonding

 Timing is precise with treats. After your dog accomplishes the required behaviour, treat them immediately to reinforce the link

5 Precision

 You can satisfy your dog's tastes and diet with a variety of treats. Variety keeps training sessions interesting and motivates your dog.

6 Variety

 Training with treats can range from basic obedience to complex feats and behaviours. These flexible tools can meet your dog's learning demands.

7 Versatility

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