How Long Should Puppies Go For Walks

 Short, frequent walks work best. Start with 5-10 minutes per walk and increase as they grow. Overexercising pups can damage their bones and joints.

1 Young dogs 

 Walk 15-20 minutes without overexercising to avoid joint problems.

2 Teen dogs 

 Adult dogs of certain breeds need more than 30 minutes to an hour of daily exercise. Watch your dog's stroll behaviour for energy.

3 Adult dogs 

New puppies are active but may overexercise. Overexercising might damage your pet's growing bones and joints.

4 Do not overwork your puppy.

 Socialising your dog in its first three months is crucial. Expose a puppy to new people, places, and dogs to prevent behaviour issues

5 Allow safe socialising

 Give your dog ample exercise and mental stimulation to avoid boredom and energy-related behaviour.

6  Always start slowly

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