Debunking 7 Popular Myths About Dogs

 This long-held myth is false. Humans sense colours better than dogs. They see predominantly yellow and blue.

1 Dogs only see black-and-white.

Cold, wet noses indicate dog health, whereas warm or dry ones may not. Healthy dogs may have warm, dry noses.

2 Healthy dogs have warm, moist noses

 This usual dog age estimate is oversimplified. Younger dogs age faster. Breed and size effect dog ageing.

3 Seven human years equal one dog year

Most sick dogs graze, not eat grass. They do it naturally unless unwell or overeating.

4 Sick dogs eat grass.

 Some dogs waving tails show enthusiasm, not friendliness. Scared or worried dogs wag their tails. Context and body language convey dog moods.

5 Friendly dogs always wag

 Like physical ageing, dog mental ageing varies. Some older dogs are peaceful, while others are puppy-like.

6 Dogs age cognitively and physically

 Old pack hierarchy and dominance mindset caused this mistake. Dogs prefer secure environments to dominant owners. Dog dominance loses to moderate positive reinforcement.

7 Dogs beat owners.

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