How To Take Care Rottweiler Puppies

Vet visits for immunisations, deworming, and health checks are necessary. Discuss diet, exercise, and wellness with your vet.

1 Veterinary Care

 Rottweiler puppies should eat well for their age. A diet high in calcium, phosphorus, and glucosamine helps Rottweilers build bones due to hip dysplasia. Avoid overeating, which can damage joints.

2 Nutrition

Rottweiler puppies stay healthy and avoid boredom with moderate activity. Avoid overworking puppy bones and joints as they mature. Play, brief walks, and supervised outdoor activities are encouraged.

3 Exercise

Early exposure to people, animals, and circumstances helps Rottweiler puppies grow up well. Prevents violence and fear.

4 Socialisation

 Praise, incentives, and play teach early obedience. Smart, stubborn, and eager to please, Rottweilers require consistency and tolerance. Sit, stay, come, leash.

5 Training

 Rottweilers shed somewhat year-round and more heavily during seasonal changes due to their short, dense double coat. Regularly brush your puppy's coat to prevent matting. Bathe them unclean or every few months. Trim their nails and examine their ears for infection.

6 Grooming

 Left alone, curious Rottweiler puppies can misbehave. Remove electrical cables, poisonous plants, and everything dogs can eat to puppy-proof your home. Give them safe chew toys to satisfy their cravings.

7 Safety

Rottweilers love and loyal. Show your dog love and praise. Your Rottweiler will behave better with early bonding.

8 Love and Focus

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