8 Awesome Facts About Your Dog’s Powerful Sense of Smell

 Humans' sense of smell is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of times weaker than dogs'.

1 Amazing Sensitivity

Dogs are used in search and rescue, drug and bomb detection, tracking, and medical diagnostics due to their keen sense of smell.

2 Variety of Uses

 Specialised nasal architecture helps dogs sense scents. Due to their vast olfactory receptor surface area, their noses can detect and distinguish many scents.

3 Unique Nasal Structure

 In search and rescue missions, dogs can track odours over vast distances and find people trapped under wreckage because they correlate scents with memories.

4 Aromas as Memories

Dogs can detect minor changes in odours from people and objects. In tracking and detection, dogs can recognise people and objects by scent.

5 Personal Odour Profiles

 Dogs can sense tiny odours, making them useful in identifying cancer, diabetes, and early epileptic convulsions in humans.

6 Ability to discriminate

 Dogs can track scents hours, days, even weeks after the source disappears because scent molecules persist.

7 Lasting impressions

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