7 things Your Dog hates about you

 Social dogs crave family attention and connection. Chronic neglect can make kids feel unloved.

1 Avoiding Them

Routine and consistency please dogs. They may get annoyed or anxious by conflicting rules or teaching.

2 Inconsistency

 Exercise keeps dogs healthy and happy. Boredom and hyperactivity can cause destruction without exercise.

3 Lack of Exercise

 Dogs bond with their human families as pack animals. Long-term alone, especially without mental stimulation, can produce stress and separation anxiety.

4 Being Alone Long-term

 Due to their keen hearing, pyrotechnics, thunderstorms, and even noisy appliances can startle dogs.

5 Loud noise

 Physical punishment may cause dog fear and distrust. Positive reinforcement training improves pet-owner bonding.

6 Physical punishment

 Dog owners must provide food, water, shelter, and medical care. These demands might be neglected, causing physical and emotional suffering.

7 Neglecting Their Needs

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