Dog Breeds Not Popular in USA But Immensely Popular Worldwide

 Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog, is lively and fox-like. It's becoming more popular in the US, but not worldwide.

1 Shiba Inu

 This breed, recognised for its gentleness and grace, is popular in Europe and elsewhere, but not in the US.

2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This fluffy white Siberian dog is popular in Europe and Asia but may not be as common in the US due to its thick hair.

3 Samoyed

 The Italian Cane Corso, famed for its guarding skills and size, is popular in Europe but less so in the US than other mastiff breeds.

4 Cane Cory

The Central African Basenji is recognised for its yodel-like vocalisation and independence. Fans in the US love it, but it's not as popular abroad.

5 Basenji

Asia has traditionally used the Tibetan Mastiff as a guardian dog due to its size and lion-like mane. It's becoming more popular in the US, but not as much as abroad.

6 Tibetan Mastiff

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