7 Simple Tips to Train a Puppy Fast & Easily at Home

Training a puppy after 2 months is recommended. Puppies absorb information like sponges during this period. They will listen attentively and resist little. The lessons you teach children now will last.

1 Start Training Early

Routines help puppies know when to eat, play, and relieve themselves. Dogs adore schedules and they stay intellectually active. Be constant because pups can only learn faster that way. Repeating commands will cement the cues in their memory.

2 Maintain Schedule

Rewarding your dogs throughout training encourages them to accomplish more. Give your puppies nice dog treats throughout training for positive reinforcement. Avoid being tough during training as it would demoralise them and postpone the process.

3 Motivate them with rewards

First-time dog owners sometimes teach puppies sophisticated instructions before fundamental ones. First, teach them sit, remain, stop, go, shake hand, etc. to lay the groundwork for advanced training

4 Basic Commands

Crate training is one of the best puppy training strategies. All your puppies need is a good dog crate to feel like their new den. Dogs won't soil a safe haven, so you can house train them quickly

5 Try Crate Training

Fear prevents most dogs from learning. Socialising dogs with humans and other pets is one of the best strategies to reduce their fear. It boosts their confidence and makes them curious about new people, dogs, places, and circumstances. Socialisation totally teaches puppies to obey their owners.

6 Get Social

Being patient during puppy training speeds up learning. Some puppies may take longer to learn and recall orders, which is typical. Being cool and patient during this age and not becoming frustrated will speed up puppy learning.

7 Be Patient

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