How Much Exercise Do My Dogs Need Daily

 Dogs enjoy nature as much as humans. Hike with your dog or discover new parks and paths.

1 Hiking

 Many dogs ride with their owners when riding, however not all. Biking with your dog on roads is dangerous, but many municipalities have bike paths.

2 Along for the Ride

You can skateboard, rollerblade, or inline skate with your dog. Wear protective gear and skate in an enclosed location while training your dog for this new pastime.

3 Joining Skaters

 Swimming is low-impact exercise for dogs with joint issues and they adore the water. A life jacket might help your dog swim longer for better cardio.

4 Swimming

 Dogsledding isn't just for sled dogs. Draft work with a sledge, cart or skijoring is pleasant for people and larger breeds.

5 Draft Work

Recalling, retrieving, and reinforcing basic commands provides mental stimulation and exercise in obedience practice. You can also train your dog exciting tricks like weaving and spinning

6  Obedience

 You and your dog can try new dog sports or stick to your favourites with so many options. AKC Lure Coursing, Scent Work, Agility, Obedience, Flyball, and Rally are among alternatives.

7 Dog Sports

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