6 Highly Useful Tips For Puppy Toilet Training 

Training your puppy early is best. Children can control their bowel motions after 2 months, so start training then. Start by scheduling toilet breaks around meals and play. Regular routines help dogs learn quickly. 

1 Train immediately

Delicious dog treats encourage puppies like nothing else. Reward for using the designated area. This activity is a good cue, so they repeat it. Accident punishment can demoralise and hamper training.

2 Reward System

Let pets urinate themselves outside. Frequent visits help pets eliminate by catching the fragrance. Say "go potty" when they approach. This helps toilet train dogs fast since they correlate instruction with action.

3 Pick a Dog Potty

In crates, first-time dog owners can toilet train puppies. Crates assist dogs avoid indoor accidents. Choose a crate with standing and turning area for dogs. Never punish pets in the kennel.

4 Test Crate Training

Prepare for toilet training accidents. Clean them promptly because the stench may attract your dog. A excellent fragrance remover removes pet stains and odours.

5 Quickly clean up accidents

Water limitation may severely limit your puppy's bathroom visits. Avoid giving them too much water one to two hours before bed. This simplifies toilet training and prevents nighttime accidents.

6 Track water intake

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