7 Bizarre Dog habits explained

Dog mouth roofs have Jacobson's vomeronasal organ. They smell a dog's behind for gender, health, and emotion.

1 Mutual Bitching

 Strangely, dogs consume grass. Some experts think dogs puke or chew grass like their wild forebears.

2 Eating Grass

 Boredom, energy, or entertainment might cause tail-chasing. It may indicate compulsive ownership.

3 Following Their Tails

 Due to their excellent sense of smell, dogs can roll in foul scents to sneak up on prey or evade predators. Experts believe dogs roll in foul-smelling things to communicate or mark territory.

4 Rolling Dirty Things

Food is generally hidden for later consumption. Dogs buried food to avoid scavengers or sparse prey. Despite inclination, domestic dogs don't need food.

5 Toy or Bone Burial

 High pitches and sirens shout dogs. Wails from dogs can communicate. Sirens may cause this.

6 Howling at Sirens

 Dog legs sleep twisted or flying. This tendency may be due to their adaptability. Resting positions help dogs maintain body temperature and stay attentive.

7 Unusual Sleep Positions

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