7 Reasons Why do Dogs Nudge

Dogs may nudge owners for attention. They may poke with their nose or paw for attention.

1 Seeking Attention

Nudging shows affection and bonding. Dogs may nuzzle or nudge their owners to show affection.

2 Affection

 Dogs use body language and nudging to communicate. They may encourage you to go outside, play, or eat.

3 Communication

Dogs discover the world using their noses. Nudging might help them explore new things or people.

4 Exploration

 When owners are anxious, stressed, or insecure, dogs may nudge them. They need comfort and reassurance from a trusted person.

5 Comfort

 Dogs can play by nudge. They may encourage you to start a game

6 Playfulness

Dogs instinctively and socially nuzzle. Dogs may nudge to establish dominance, especially with other dogs.

7 Natural Behaviour

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