How to Make friends with stray dogs

 Approach the dog cautiously and calmly. Avoid frightening them with quick movements or loud noises

1 Approach Slowly

 Be calm and non-threatening. Avoid direct eye contact, which dogs perceive as hostile.

2 Avoid Threatening Body Language

 Food can gain stray dogs' trust. Offer the dog dog-friendly treats or food from a safe distance. Let them approach at their own pace.

3 Offer food

 Pay attention to dog body language. If they're terrified or uncomfortable, don't force them to talk.

4 Respect Limits

Talk to the dog in a calming voice. Avoid shouting or loud noises.

5 Speak Softly

 Trusting a stray dog takes patience. Stay close to the dog without petting them. Let them adjust to your presence.

6 Gain Trust Slowly

Play gently with the dog as they get used to you. Engage them with balls or sticks.

7 Play and Bond

 Consider helping the stray dog with shelter, food, or medical care or calling local animal rescue groups.

8 Provide Shelter, Care

Stray dogs can be volatile, especially if they've had bad human experiences. Before anything else, protect yourself and your dog.

9 Consider Safety

 Consider adopting a stray dog if you've formed a close attachment and can care for them. Give them vet checks, immunisations, and care.

10 Consider Adoption

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