7 Rare Dog Breeds You’ve Never Heard Of

Turkish Pointers have split or forked noses. Good hunters and odorators.

1 Catalburun

 The German word for "little lion" reflects this breed's lion-like mane and friendly nature. Nobles retained them as companion dogs despite their diminutive size.

2 Löwchen

 Ancient Sicilian breeds resemble Pharaoh Hounds. Small, agile brown-furred hunters.

3 Etna Cirneco

 This breed's back ridge grows opposite its coat. Thailand breeds autonomous hunting and guarding dogs.

4 The Thai Ridgeback

 Hairless or coated Peruvian Hairless Dog. The historic breed is devoted and graceful.

5 Inca orchid in Peru

 Long, flexible necks, six toes, and ear closure characterise this breed. It started with puffin hunting off Norway.

6 Norwegian Lundehund

This sleek West African breed is fast and tough. Together, nomads hunted antelope.

7 Azawakh

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