Dental Problems Dogs Encounter Across The Years

 Most dogs of all ages have this issue. If left untreated, plaque tartar can cause gum irritation, bad breath, and periodontal disease.

1 Tartar and plaque

 Bacteria cause progressive gum disease. Untreated, it can cause tooth loss, pain, and systemic issues.

2 Periodontal Disease

 Sugary or carbohydrate-rich diets can cause tooth decay in dogs, though less so than in people.

3 Tooth decay

Dog teeth can break from trauma, biting hard objects, or untreated dental problems. It may be unpleasant and require veterinary assistance.

4 Cracked Teeth

Malocclusion is jaw or tooth misalignment. Pain, eating issues, and teeth issues can result.

5 Malocclusion

 Gum irritation is commonly bacterial. Red, inflamed, and sore gums can cause periodontal disease if ignored.

6 Gingivitis

 Dogs can have benign or malignant oral tumours. These may cause drooling, oral bleeding, and feeding issues depending on location and size.

7 mouth tumours

 If they spread, gum, tooth, and jawbone infections can cause pain, swelling, and systemic illness.

8 Oral infections

 A dental root infection causes a painful abscess. They can expand teeth, leak pus, and hurt.

9 Tooth Root Abscesses

 Stomatitis causes severe gum, tongue, and throat inflammation. It can be caused by viruses, autoimmune diseases, or oral disease.

10 Stomatitis

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