5 Questions to ask before Adopting a Senior Dog

Adopting a senior dog is enjoyable but requires special considerations. Before committing, ask the proper questions to ensure you can give these wonderful canines the care and love they deserve. Five important questions to ask before adopting a senior dog.

Understanding health issues and medical needs will help you budget for senior dog care and give the correct care.

1 Dog's medical history and status

To find a dog that fits your home and lifestyle, research their personality, temperament, and history.

2 Dog character and behaviour

The dog's background can disclose issues or special needs and help you decide if they fit your family and lifestyle.

3 Background and reason for dog surrender or adoption

Consider vet care, medications, special foods, and any age- or health-related canine expenditures.

4 What does senior dog adoption cost

 Consider whether your schedule, living space, and energy levels fulfil senior canine demands for exercise, grooming, comfort, and safety.

5 What role will this dog play in your home?

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