Top 7 facts about Silky Terrier Dog Breed

 Australia created the Silky Terrier in the 19th century. Could be Yorkshire-Australian Terrier.

1 Australian Origins

Long and silky, the Silky Terrier lives up to its name. This uncommon characteristic requires continuous brushing to avoid tangling and matting.

2 Silky Coat

 Despite their beautiful coats, Silky Terriers weigh 8–11 pounds (3.5–5 kilogrammes) and stand 9–10 inches (23–25 centimetres) at the shoulder.

3 Size

Silky Terriers are curious, bold, and lively. Although independent and difficult, they care and commit.

4 Temperamen

Though little, Silky Terriers are good watchdogs. Barking alerts owners to strangers or threats.

5 Good Monitors

Silky Terriers need moderate activity. Daily walks and play in a gated garden keep them healthy and happy. Fun mental stimulation includes interactive gadgets and training classes.

6 Exercise Needs

 Silky Terriers live 12–15 years, longer than other tiny breeds, with good care.

7 A Long Life

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