Extra Large Dogs Bathing: Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe

Extra Large Dogs Bathing: Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe : If you have a large breed of dog, you might remember the days when you would bathe your fluffy little puppy by placing him in the bathtub. Do you remember those days? At that time, life was simple because you could pick him up, lift him into the bathtub, wash and rinse him with quick movements, dry him, and then lift him back out of the bath.

Extra Large Dogs Bathing: Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe

After that, however, he became an adult, and it is now impossible to get him into the bathtub. It is still possible to keep your large dog clean while you are at home. On the other hand, you might have to come up with an inventive solution and abandon the idea of using the bathtub. With the help of the hose and some refreshingly cool water, it may be possible to take a bath outside during the summer months. When you are inside, you might want to think about bringing your large dog into the shower with you. This will allow him to avoid having to maneuver his massive body over the side of the bathtub, and it will also reduce the amount of time you have to spend handling him compared to when you were using the tub.

The Backyard Bath Method


1.Leash and harness

  • The big guy you have should either be harnessed and leashed, or he should be leashed all the time. In order to get him clean, you will need to have a structure in your yard that is not only safe but also secure for him to be tied to. In order to prevent him from becoming overly cold, you should only do this during the warm summer months.
  • This will ensure that he has sufficient time to dry off. When you are giving your dog a bath, the only time you should keep him secured is when you are doing so. You should never leave your dog tied up in the yard without supervision.


  • While you are giving your big guy a bath with the hose, you should have some treats ready to give him. He will appreciate the attention. Before beginning the preparations, check to see that you have your dog shampoo and brushes located in your possession.
  • In addition to cleaning him, you should probably use a couple of towels to dry him off after he has been cleaned.

3.Hose rinse

  • The first step is to rinse with clean water. Make use of the hose to thoroughly wash your dog from head to toe, ensuring that his skin, fur, and undercoat are all thoroughly soaked.
  • Ensure that you are utilizing the hose without any attachments or that you are utilizing a shower attachment that has a low pressure. Make sure to take a step back once he is wet so that he can shake off any excess water.


  • Your dog should be thoroughly cleaned from head to tail using the shampoo or dog wash that you have prepared. If you are able to stand right next to him, you should be able to bathe his back, sides, legs, stomach, and tail.
  • This is because he is exceptionally large. Make sure that shampoo does not get on his face. In its place, you should wash this area with either a cloth or your hands. While you are washing him, you should be prepared for him to shake a few times.


  • After you have finished washing and scrubbing your big guy, you will need to give him another rinse with clean running water using the hose. This will be necessary after you have finished this process. Keeping the hose in close proximity to his skin will make it much simpler to remove the suds from the water.
  • This will prevent you and your dog from being splashed more than is absolutely necessary throughout the entire process. It is possible that you will need to use your fingers to work your way through thick coats in order to guarantee that the shampoo is completely removed from the hair.


  • Immediately following the completion of the rinsing process, it is highly probable that your large dog will again shake. Move out of the way and give him the opportunity to handle it.
  • As a consequence of this, the substantial amount of water that is present in his fur will be extracted.


  • A towel should be used to dry your large friend, and then you should release him from his hold. Please do everything in your power to accomplish this.
  • In order to get rid of any excess water, it is going to be very likely that he will pause and shake the container multiple times.


  • Obtain his attention and reward him with a delectable treat for the job that he has done.

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The Dry Rub Method

1.Dry shampoo

  • Dry shampoos are available at your neighborhood pet store, or you can make your own dry rub at home by combining baking soda and cornstarch.
  • Both of these ingredients can be found there. If you want to improve your dog’s scent, combine cornstarch and baking soda in a half-and-half ratio, and then add a few drops of an essential oil that is safe for dogs.


  • Prior to applying the dry rub to your dog’s coat, you should begin by giving it a thorough brushing. For the purpose of cleaning your big guy, this brushing will remove any loose dirt and fur that may be present.
  • During the time that you are brushing, you should also concentrate on removing tangles and knots.

3.Apply rub

  • Put the dry rub on your dog after you have brushed him. A sufficient amount should be available to cover his entire body. In order to prevent him from inhaling the mixture of dry ingredients, you should do not apply any near his face and you should be careful when you sprinkle it over his head.

4.Rub in

  • Rub the dry rub into your dog’s fur and all the way down to his skin using your fingers with the dry rub. The solution will be worked through his coat in this manner, thereby enhancing his scent and absorbing oils and odors while doing so.

5.Brush out

  • You should use a slicker brush to brush the dry rub through your dog’s coat after you have massaged it into the coat of your dog via massage.
  • In spite of the fact that a significant portion of the dry components will be removed during this brushing process, the fact that it has been successful in removing odor and oily grime from your dog is what you would like to see coming out of the fur.


  • Taking your dog outside, where he is likely to shake, is something you should consider doing if you are not brushing him outside. Any excess powder that may have been left on the skin or fur can be removed with the help of this shaking.


  • At the conclusion of a grooming session such as this one, you should always give your big guy a delicious treat.




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