Why You Should Give Your Dogs Bully Sticks

 Bully sticks reduce plaque and tartar on dogs' teeth, improving breath.

1 Dental Health

Bully sticks help dogs chew safely. Chewing can calm and invigorate bored dogs left alone.

2 Mental stimulation

Bully sticks are healthy dog treats made from high-protein cow muscle. Their lack of chemicals and preservatives makes them healthier chew treats.

3 Natural and nourishing

Long-lasting bully sticks may keep your dog busy for hours. Distractions can help energetic or scared pets.

4 Long-Lasting

 Bully sticks rarely splinter, reducing the risk of choking or intestinal blockages.

5 Safe

 Dog owners prefer bully sticks over rawhide chews, which can choke and contain harmful chemicals.

6 Alternative to Rawhide

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