Why is Breed-Specific Dog Food a Better Option than Standard Dog Food

 Breed-specific dietary demands depend on size, metabolism, activity, and health. Breed-specific recipes optimise health and wellness.

1 Customised Diet

 Slower metabolisms or less exercise make some breeds obese. Breed-specific formulas may limit calories and portions to help maintain weight

2 Manage Weight

 Hip dysplasia is more common in large breeds. The breeds' meals may contain glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health and mobility.

3 Joint Health

 Breeds with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues. Breed-specific formulations may contain easily digestible prebiotics and probiotics to improve digestion.

 4 Digestive Health

 Jaw structure or size makes some breeds more prone to dental disorders. To encourage dental hygiene, breed-specific diets may include chewable kibble.

5 Dental Health

 Omega-3 fatty acids help several breeds have healthy skin and shiny coats.

6 Coat and Skin Health

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