Top 10 LAZY Dog Breeds for Laid Back people

 Basset Hounds are peaceful and low-energy. They like easy hikes and lazing at home.

1 Basset dog

 Gentle bulldogs make good pets. Short walks and plenty of nap time suit these low-energy dogs.

2 Bulldog

 These loving dogs love cuddling on the couch with their owners. They are calm and easygoing despite their mild intensity.

3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 Great Danes are very calm for their size. They are called "gentle giants" and like to lounge around the house.

4 Great Dane

 Although fast, greyhounds are couch potatoes. They're content to unwind indoors after their regular activity

5 Greyhound

Small canines with big personalities are Shih Tzus. While they love playing, they also love napping in their owner's lap.

6 Tzu Shih

 Pugs are friendly, laid-back dogs. They like short walks but also spending time with their families indoors.

7 Pug

 English Mastiffs, like Great Danes, are large, low-energy dogs. They are peaceful, affectionate, and love lazing at home.

8 English Mastiff

 Bullmastiffs are gentle and devoted. Indoors, they are peaceful and comfortable but need regular exercise.

9 Bullmastiff

 Though independent and aloof, Chow Chows are tranquil. They like to lounge at home and need little exercise.

10 Chow

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