How To Teach Your Puppy Its Name

 Choose a name that's easy to pronounce and not related to sit, stay, or come.

1 Name It Right

 Positively use your puppy's name. When calling your puppy, use a happy tone.

2 Create Good Relations

 Give your puppy a treat, praise, or affection when it answers its name. Positive reinforcement improves its name's link with good things.

3 Treat and Reward

 Start training quietly and without interruptions. This keeps your puppy from getting overwhelmed while learning its name.

4 Beginning in Quiet

 Call your puppy by name throughout the day. Keep your puppy interested with brief, entertaining training sessions.

5 Repeat, repeat

Start training in mildly distracting situations while your puppy learns its name. As your dog develops, add distractions gradually.

6 Add distractions gradually

 Learning requires persistence. Practise regularly and be patient with your puppy.

7 Maintain Patience

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