How to Teach a Dog to Shake Hands

Treat your dog to get his focus. Please let your dog sniff the reward in your closed palm to establish its presence.

1 Get Dog's Attention

 When your dog wants the treat, say "Shake" or "Paw." with your palm up.

2 Lending

 Your other hand should softly lift or tap your dog's paw. Your hand may cause certain dogs to elevate their paw.

3 Increase Paw Movement

 Praise and treat your dog when their paw meets yours. Positive reinforcement is needed for training.

4 Reward

 Repeat this pattern until your dog can elevate their paw without your help when you offer your hand and give the order.

5 Repeat

 If your dog always extends their paw, say "Shake" or "Paw" before giving your hand.

6 Spoken Cue

 Practise the command in different contexts and with distractions to teach your dog.

7 Generalise

Brief, frequent workouts engage your dog and encourage behaviour.

8 Practice regularly

Keep commands and rewards consistent to avoid confusion. Keep rewarding good dog conduct.

9 Consistency

 Train your dog patiently and enjoyably. Dogs learn at different rates.

10 Patience

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