Brown Butter Marshmallows Recipe

Brown butter-infused, fluffy homemade marshmallows. Brown butter marshmallows that taste like pure vanilla, brown butter, and sea salt are perfect for cocoa, coffee, and s'mores. 

– 228 g unsalted or salted butter – 150 g cool water to bloom the gelatin – 450 g brown sugar – 180 g honey – 28 g powdered gelatin – 150 g water to boil the sugar – 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract – ¾ tsp fine sea salt less if using salted butter – 1 vanilla bean scraped (optional, enhances the vanilla flavor) – Organic powdered sugar made with tapioca starch for dusting




Fume and spit butter in a large pan until quiet. The bottom has quiet brown bits. Brown evenly and transfer to heatproof bowl before blackening.  

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STEP  1 .

For gelatin bloom, mix 150g water and vanilla in a small bowl. Fork-beat gelatin like eggs. Set aside to thicken. Use a deep pot to boil the remaining 150g water, brown sugar, salt, and honey.  

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Lower the heat and check with a pot or thermometer. A wooden spoon above the pot prevents boiling. Lower the mix by stirring. The mix should reach 250 F after 10 minutes.  

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Place in stand mixer bowl after turning off heat. Just wait. Butter-wrap a 13x9" cake pan evenly. For fluff, whisk gelatin into hot sugar on low to medium speed.  

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Lightens dark brown. Add brown butter and vanilla seeds at 7–10 minutes. Fluff bowl after heavy whipping. Prepare pan and spread.  

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Place in fridge overnight or for a few hours until firm. After cutting, place marshmallow block on powdered sugar-dusted countertop. Using an oiled chef's knife,  

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slice marshmallows with powdered sugar all over. In an airtight container, marshmallows last 3 weeks.  

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