Best Dogs for Small Apartments in USA

Golden Retrievers love deeply. They obey and pleasure their owners. 

1 A French Bulldog

Due to their petite size and minimal activity needs, these friendly dogs make wonderful apartment pets. They're affectionate with owners

2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 Beautiful, little pugs love apartments. Urban-friendly due of their casualness and low exercise needs.

3 Pug

Friendly, petite Shih Tzus love flats. Friendly and outgoing, they need little space or exercise.

4 Tzu Shih

 Little, playful, and loving Maltese dogs make great flat pets. Even though they like hiking, they shed little and need little exercise.

5 Maltese

 Boston Terriers are small, friendly, and active. They like indoor time with their owners and adapt well to flat living.

6 Boston Terrier

 Cocker Spaniels, despite larger than other breeds, can live in apartments with exercise and mental stimulation. Loveable, they enjoy their owners.

7 Cocker Spaniel

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