Apple Cider Caramel Rolls Recipe

For the apple cider caramel – 200 g granulated sugar 1 cup – Squeeze of lemon – 85 g butter 6 tablespoon – 80 g heavy cream ⅓ cup – 40 g reduced apple cider 2 tablespoon – ¼ teaspoon fine sea salt – 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract For the apple cider brown butter filling – 113 g unsalted butter – 200 g dark brown sugar – 2 tablespoons reduced apple cider – Pinch sea salt – Dash pure vanilla extract – Cinnamon if desired I’d do at least 2 teaspoon Sour Cream Dough – Roux – ⅓ cup bread flour – ½ cup water – ½ cup warm milk – Dough – ½ cup warm water – 2 ¼ teaspoons instant yeast – ½ cup full fat sour cream 125g – 4 cups bread flour 500g – ½ teaspoon fine sea salt – ¼ cup canola oil 55g – ½ cup granulated sugar 100g




Heat cream and butter in microwave-safe bowl. Salt-cider bowl. Stir-free. Lemon juice and sugar in 4-quart pot. Lemon-sugar. Sugar hot. Stir frequently to caramelize bottom. A wooden spoon dissolves sugar. 

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STEP  1 .

Candied sugar. Heavy cream is stirred gently to prevent caramelization. Mittens for spitting and burning. Heat butter for another minute, then remove. Combine vanilla. Save. 2 weeks sealed.  

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To make a thick tangzhong roux paste, cook the four, water, and milk in a small pot over medium heat. Warm water and sugar proof yeast. Foam for 2 minutes. 

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Blend yeast, roux, and remaining dough ingredients in a stand mixer. Gentle kneading, then medium for 10 minutes. 

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Let rise overnight in the fridge or 2 hours at room temperature  in an oiled bowl. Double it and shape it . 

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Medium-heat butter browns in a shallow pan. Fume, melt, foam. Once brown bits appear and it calms, pour into a heatproof bowl. Add vanilla, cider salt, and sugar. Refrigerate.  

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Wafers. Spread offset spatula filling on dough. Log dough and cut 1-inch muffin rounds with wax-free floss. Make muffins. Making industrial cinnamon rolls. 

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1/2" dough was cut into 2-inch strips. Like a cinnamon roll, loop and place the first strip in the pan center. Wrap strips 2 inches around first roll to free pan.

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A slight finger indentation after an hour in heat indicates ready rolls. Bread should turn golden after 20–30 minutes at 350 F. Relax. Candy melts. Cakes of candy.  

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