6 Health benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

 Standard grooming distributes natural oils to shine your dog's coat. Brushing removes dead hair and skin cells, minimising matting and tangling that can irritate and damage skin.

1 Good Skin and Coat

 When grooming your dog, look for lumps, pimples, rashes, ticks, and fleas. Early diagnosis and treatment save health.

2 Early Skin Problem Detection

 Cleaning ears regularly avoids wax and debris buildup and infections. Swelling, redness, and infection scent are present.

3 Ear Infection Prevention

 Regular canine tooth brushing reduces plaque and tartar, preventing gum disease and tooth damage. Dental hygiene extends dog life.

4 Better Dental Health

 Trimming your dog's nails regularly makes walking tough. Snags and rips in long nails harm joints.

5 Enhanced Mobility

 The grooming helps you bond with your dog. Regular grooming and handling minimise vet and other handling stress by acclimating your dog to touch. Relaxing massage-like grooming reduces stress.

6 Stress Reduction

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